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Interview Tips

Making a good impression during your interview is critical. That's why we've developed a couple of tools to help you, such as the checklist below. It's been designed to help you discover successful strategies and techniques to use during your next job interview.

You’ll also want to pay attention to details like personal appearance, punctuality and demeanor to help you make a powerful impression. In addition, check out our list of questions to ask during your interview. After all, they're not only interviewing you--you're interviewing them!

Know the position

Be sure to ask us for a description of the position for which you’ll be interviewing as well as the pay-rate, bonuses, benefits, etc. If possible, research the facility on the Internet. The more you know about the position, the better prepared you’ll be during the interview.

Do some research

Find out as much as possible about the client through your recruiter, newspapers, annual reports and web sites. Your preparation will let a prospective employer know that you are motivated, hardworking and proactive. Practice for your interview the way you would for a test or a major presentation. Review our list of interview questions to help you resolve issues before they occur.

Adjust your attitude

Treat a phone interview just as you would a face-to-face meeting. Try to exude an upbeat image through the sound in your voice to help portray a positive attitude.


Listen not only to what the manager says but also to how he or she shares the information. This technique will give you a feeling for the manager’s personality while helping you obtain information about the hospital and the unit. This is a good time to take notes about the position.

Prepare questions

Prepare a few good questions from the research you’ve conducted to demonstrate your interest in the organization and the position. Avoid questions where the answer is obvious or readily available.

Be confident

Discuss your skills and achievements. Remember, you are interviewing because your profile fits the requirements needed for the position. Now is the time to sell yourself! Share your strengths with the manager to show why you should be offered the position over another candidate.

Ask for the assignment

Ask about the next step in the process – or even ask for the job – before the end of the interview. Another good question to ask is, “Do my qualifications match the needs of your company?” This question gets right to the point and lets the interviewer know that you’re serious about employment.

After the interview, call your travel specialist immediately. He/she will follow up with the facility to find out if you have been offered the position.