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Travel Services Team

Travel NursingProCare One is the staffing agency chosen by thousands of nursing professionals throughout southern California because of its excellent compensation, variety of assignments and personalized, comprehensive support. That's because ProCare One knows exactly what traveling healthcare professionals need. Our service team works closely with you throughout your travel career to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Travel Specialists

More than a recruiter, your travel specialist is your primary contact at ProCare One. This experienced staffing professional will help you identify priorities, select assignments and manage contract arrangements. Your travel specialist will also help you with compliance criteria for each assignment, assist you with your resume and coach you for your facility interview.

Regional Travel Office

Even though you're on a travel assignment, we want you to feel at home. That makes housing and travel arrangements top priorities for us. Once you get to your assignment, just pick up your key, unpack your bags and start exploring your new surroundings. Your regional travel office is available to answer your questions about all of our programs, including tax advantages, payroll, insurance and incentive bonus programs.

Travel and Housing Specialist

For some travelers, housing is their highest priority. ProCare One’s travel and housing specialists are dedicated to securing your housing and coordinating your transportation. They also work with you to review all the details and finalize a satisfactory schedule. If you are driving to your assignment, we assist you with the directions and information you need to ensure a timely and pleasant trip. If air transportation is involved, an itinerary and car rental is confirmed. Your travel and housing specialist will secure comfortable and safe accommodations close to the facility and streamline the details of your arrival.

Payroll Specialist

Our payroll specialists work hard to ensure that your paycheck is accurate and on time. We also provide you with all the documents necessary for taking advantage of tax deductions for housing, travel and meal expenses. We can establish direct deposit for your paycheck, free of charge, and next-day-pay when you get in a crunch.

Benefits Department

One of the many differences you’ll discover with ProCare One Nurses is the support we provide through our benefits experts. These professionals are available to answer your questions about our benefits package, including health insurance, 401(k) accounts and incentive programs.

Clinical Liaisons

We go one step further than most other companies by providing you with access to a director of nursing (DON) around the clock. This person serves as a sounding board on clinical issues you may encounter while on assignment. Our DON is a registered nurse with 17 years of experience in management from a renowned hospital in southern California. We understand the challenges you face as a traveler and will work with client facilities to help resolve any issues.

Compliance Management

Our compliance department will assist you as soon as you accept your first assignment. These professionals will help you meet compliance criteria for each assignment, saving you valuable time and effort.